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Most are looking for the most transparent offices in their fees, and lets clarify beforehand that ASA Bureau is a commercial enterprise just like yours. It has revenues and costs that will disappear sooner rather than later if their revenues do not exceed their costs. Therefore, fixed fees are relatively uncommon because the fees depend on the scope and nature of the work that will be accomplished or what has already been done, and that does not mind that there is a minimum fee that the contract value should not be less than, if the work exceeds the time and resources allocated, it is likely that we will provide an invoice for the violations. 

There are expenses incurred entirely by the customer in addition to the agreed business fees, which are transfers, governmental and non-governmental agency fees, travel and residence expenses, shipping and postage expenses, publications, telephone and fax, the internet and Egyptian tax site subscriptions, in exchange for attending meetings … etc. All of these expenses are recoverable costs with agreed fee value plus 10% VAT in accordance with provisions and contributions of law No. 67 of 2016 promulgating of the VAT Law in the Arab of Republic of Egypt.

It is assumed that there will be an annual increase in fees that ranges between 15% - 20% on all engagement contracts and other contracts, according to the nature of the work agreed upon. Fees are determined on the basis of many factors, according to the nature of each action separately.

And if we are one of the largest specialized offices, the fees for each work are determined separately according to its nature and regardless of its parties. All available options are used based on the complexity of the work and the emergency measures taken compared to the daily routine issues, the experience of the consultant, and the time and effort involved in each specific work, available options include paying all fees or provider or paying emergency fees if required.

Note: the office does not commit to any additional work after completing its work.

We spare you the hassle of choosing another office at the end of the following year, we are here to serve you.

ASA Bureau is a safe way to run your business without paying exorbitant costs.