About ASA - Why us?

“I do know a fact that encourages a person more than his proven ability to raise his standard of living using his conscious efforts”.
                                  Henry David Thoreau

Our ambition, to be professional pioneers in the Egyptian market we gain confidence in transparency, loyalty and integrity. 

As human beings are responsible for our lives, our behavior is the product of our decisions, not our circumstances. We can place it at a lower level of values. We have a sense of initiative and responsibility that enables us to achieve what we want.

We have the initiative, governed by purposeful values, born through deep reflection and careful selection.

What we are today is a product of yesterdays choices and what hurts us is not the event itself, but consent and our statement that it happened in the first place.

Taking the initiative by realizing the responsibility that we have to get to reach our goal. It is building an impressive team.

Our belief in others “the guiding minds principle is two or more people engaged in pursuit of a specific goal with a positive mental direction forming an unbeatable force”.

You can work miracles if you have faith in others, and in order to get the best of what others have, choose to think and believe in their best.

We reject the language of emotion and accept the language of initiative in what we do.

The Language of emotion

- I do not have any solution
- I am just like that
- It drives me crazy
- They will not let me do this
- I have to do this
- Must
- If that

The Language of the initiative

- Lets study the alternatives available to us
- I can choose in a different method
- I can control my feelings
- I can make an impressive presentation 
- I have to choose the appropriate response 
- Better 
- I will do

Planning without implementation represents flimsy dreams and a waste of time. And implementation without follow-up is useless.

The business is expanding in order to fill the time available to complete it, so a specific and precise date must be set for the completion of our work.

In our management, we rely on the administration style for roaming and officials leaving their closed offices on an inspection tour to the actual work places through open and closed meetings, specialized and general, lectures, training, programs, and informal discussions.

A positive outcome strategy is our approach “we learn from failure more than we learn from success, and we discover what we do when we discover what we do not”.

We have many alternatives to solve one problem so we know our way to the top.

Our skill is in addition to the certificates and studies obtained by the founder of ASA Bureau facility obtained from various degrees and studies from the faculties of commerce and law at Ain Shams University and his knowledge in many foreign languages. However, we rely on continuing professional education, non-formal, from self-study and general reading.

ASA Bureau your way to the best always.

We are glad to have joined our list of our valued customers.