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Are you on the right track to achieve your financial goals? Perhaps the goal of your life that are purchased or acquires a stake in the shares of some companies. Or planning for some new investments, which see it administered more profits or change the technological methods and techniques used in the industries in which it operates.. Each person's goals are different, which makes planning a unique process. A well-thought out plan will anticipate financial barriers and include strategies to help you reach your goals. At ASA Bureau our experts have developed dedicated skills to support companies in their corporate strategy and business development efforts, especially when it comes to working out / or assessing business plans to justify potential investments and / or acquisitions.

Investment decision is linked to the process of differentiation and choice of investment projects and associated investment opportunity available. The investment is a good investment and is expected to succeed economically if it is able to achieve its basic objectives during its lifetime. And it linked to the effectiveness and success of the investment project identifying economic, financial, administrative and technical variables that affect the investment decision.

Economic feasibility study represents the investment based on accurate and objective study of the economic feasibility of the investment opportunities available to the decision, because of its comprehensive and extensive influence of several reflections on the effectiveness of the investment project and its associated investment opportunities. Cannot formulate realistic plans in the absence of comprehensive planning for the investment project, And we need to enable the investor to choose the appropriate investment return, which is investigating the continuous rate  in the form of a cash flow opportunity in increasing the profitability of investment. Avoiding investment project to implement it when the failure during the construction period is linked to provide all the material and human, financial and technical requirements required by the implementation process. At ASA Bureau, We are writing and drafting all the different reports, which cover all aspects and stages of implementation of the project with appropriate sufficient evaluation to ensure the study of the previous feasibility numbers so that it can take appropriate decisions if there are errors or irregularities in the estimate.

Clearly, knowledge of the scope of the project and its limits we put estimates of investment costs, production costs and marketing costs. The project was beyond the scope of the production site and extends to the external warehouses for storage of raw materials or finished products, which requires to be considered when conducting the feasibility study. Therefore it is necessary that the economic feasibility study that based on accurate information and sufficient data does not contain a wrong information and suggestions or deficient which leads to the wrong project from a technical point of economic and correct this error very difficult regardless of the stages of implementation and operation.

The feasibility study within the framework of the requirements of studies that need to analyze all aspects especially in light of the huge industrial and commercial projects. It requires the work of experts and specialists group in many fields, and has a knowledgeable and experienced team representing these studies. The feasibility study needs experts in many fields such as marketing, construction and civil engineering field, the field of soil analysis, data analysis and handling CNC as well as experts in financial analysis and others. And stops the number of working group (team) and diversity on the project type and size, the greater size of the project increased the required high technology and the diversity of the number of experts. At ASA Bureau, We provide all the data and information relevant to the main objectives of the projects or remote and the ability to provide electronic data processing.

Investment approach: The decision to make the investment of the most important initiatives undertaken by the investor, Investments linking resources for a relatively long period of time. This period affected by the occurrence of large and growing changes in the economic, technological, environmental and political sectors. In the world of work is characterized by rapid change, influenced by the success and sustainability of investments with the ability to make decisions that would deal to address the risks associated with these changes.

Withstand competition: investment project in the competitive environment needs to the availability of certain basic skills excellence over its competitors and enables the facility to achieve better results in the long term from the results achieved by their competitors. And proceed basic skills to: reduce production costs - control distribution Arts - shorten waiting times supply - research and development, whether in technology or product - product design (in terms of form - New products - methods of production) - the diversity of funding sources - represented by marketing skills in its market performance or the price or the market or distribution transaction - staff skills.

Concentration of powers: you must plan projects so as to avoid the weaknesses as much as possible. And the strengthening of powers by focusing on possible areas of success, methods such as the blending of factors of production, the development of the skills required, provide the necessary resources of money and personnel, materials and management.

Know the risks: project design requires a proper balance between the various risks including the risks related to market, supplies, technology and political issues, and therefore should not concentrate resources fully focused on a single strategy.

Economic feasibility study is considered an extended studies and ongoing throughout the project life and the different stages of growth. That any project going through four stages as they Structure and establishment phase, the phase of growth and expansion, and stability phase and liquidation phase and these overlapping phases may take after the timetable has been lengthened duration of time, or less. The project's ability to deal with environmental variables that affect the economical task to make the dimension of time for each stage may vary from project to project, though liquidation may not be realized for most of the projects in the light of the imposition of the continuity of the project. Be reconciled with the element of time and the elements of the feasibility study in order to choose and configure the project is available a viable growth and survive and thrive and achieve a continuous  Economic return, and its amount of return determined in the light of the relationship between the elements of investment.

Environmental feasibility study work on the environmental impact assessment of the project to ensure the project acceptance and approval of the competent authorities and the granting of appropriate licenses. The scope of this assessment is determined by the applicable environmental laws. It is also environmental benefits and costs of the project evaluation. And self-effects that need to be detailed analysis through the stages of the assessment and the report of the administrative measures to be taken.

Marketing feasibility study consists of a series of sub-studies aimed at the end to determine the revenue generated from the proposed project work, and to determine the necessary marketing costs. To achieve the target of marketing studies  by determining the revenue estimate the expected sales volume for the project requires it within the limits of the planned economic potentials him throughout years old, and estimate the expected selling price of the output of the project during the same years. This in turn requires determining the demand for products of the project does not imagine that a new project is created without ensuring the existence of demand for its products and the continuity of this request.

The highest design projects and best-equipped in the collapse because of wrong choice for the labor force. The technical feasibility study determine the technical requirements of the new project planned created and operated from land, premises and facilities, equipment, machines, tools and raw materials and human resources and appropriate technology transfer as well as the appropriate method of production and interior design of the project and cost estimates for each preceding items.

The Table of financial study for the investment project, is considered the final document to formulate the idea of the project technically and financially, and a productive and administrative and marketing and economically. Which managed to take all assessment procedures for the economic viability of the project and access to the best investment decision.

Market Feasibility Study Types: Different feasibility study companies have different strengths. At Ground Floor Partners our expertise is market feasibility, not engineering feasibility. We research and analyze market factors such as demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation, cultural issues, etc. Here are some examples of the types of feasibility studies we do:

* New products and Services.

* New business methods and approaches.

* Restaurants.

* Hotels.

* School and other education projects.

* Community development and tourism.

We have alliance in construction architecture, strategic planning, marketing, technology and other areas that we can bring on the complete any size project.

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