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Innovative ideas play an important role in the development of economic sectors and development in various fields. Most of the investment activities in desperate need who are able to provide new solutions that fit the nature of their activities and achieve more success and progress of the indicators of economic performance. Investment in human beings has become the most important development tools which can exceed the scarcity of resources and poor production.

The most successful companies are not content with what we have reached of achievements, progress and success. We see these companies innovate every day new methods and systems help to improve and progress so that their range and expand regionally and globally has become so much higher than what it is in traditional companies. To unleash the human mind Imagination and rejected the idea of one true solution to the problem is the first real steps for creativity and breaking the frame or exit the familiar style. Innovative ideas are the right method for remotely contradictions and ironies, wasting power, and the waste of human resources, physical, and moral.

We are aware that the administrative creativity is a totally integrated performed by managers to get into each new activity leads to the development of individuals, organization and systems within the enterprise and increase its effectiveness. In all organizations and at all organizational levels, there is an opportunity for innovation in the administration, said that the selection and creativity is the main challenge for today's manager. The preservation of the success and excellence in the business world was not easy at any given time, there are always problems to be faced and solved, the opportunities to be seized and take advantage of them.

Most experts in Management Science believe that the creative capacity should be in the future, is the first item in the job description for the position of (director), If the manager does not find time for creative aspect of his job, it would lead to a risk for him and the organization, which leads out his work as a manager. At ASA Bureau, we have our creators and innovators experts in their ideas and methods to solve the administrative problems and believe that any organization operated by a group of skilled workers is an organization that has a huge potential of thinking. Our expertise enables us to sense the problems of customers and the ability to detect them and move between details and misleading facts in order to determine the actual problem. The transition to a solution without a full understanding of the nature of the actual problem often mistake analysts Administrative Sciences and decision-makers are located.

We have methods and multiple ways to present a problem and discuss its manifestations and the causal factors to occur (reasons, cons, the pros) and then the formulation of the problem, with a focus on highlighting the aspects of contradiction which therefore to generate the largest possible number of solutions to the problem so that we can formulate the ideal solution for final disposal of the problem. Among the most important methods we use in generating ideas to solve administrative problems for companies:

The six hats to think (six patterns of thinking) – Brainstorming (tee intellectual sessions)-Writing minded ideas (or 635) - Style of paper clippings - Authorship between the Smithereens - Comparisons - Possible alternatives - change in properties - Morphological analysis - Random words method (input)- the focus ways on something (Mode symmetry compulsory for generating ideas) - Method of input and output - Delphi method (or the meeting remotely) – sham group method – stair - Method of regulating the mind -  DOIT method - Retainers method (six trustees) - Box of thinking Tools - Fan of concepts (the division of the starting point in determining the alternatives) - Paradigma or Paradigm -  Fish Bone Strategy - Successive reasons ( Pareto Diagram) – Requirements - circumvent on Dominant idea - Lotus flower - Creative Challenge - Thinking through brainstorming - Random stimuli and motivators - Aesthetic techniques in innovation - Creativity dialogue -  Councils creativity - Creativity by violet dreams - Creativity by dreams and vision - Creativity by unfamiliar  questions - the method of what – if - mental map - Picnic mental method - The nominal group technique - The method of symmetry and metonymy - The method of association and participation - The method of association and participation – The method of direct symmetry- The method of formal analysis - The method of  script writing- Method  converting harmful to wholesome - Method of Partition / retail - Method of  Integration  / Connectivity - Method of Separation / extraction - Method of spatial  Qualitative - Method of thinking upside down (switch or vice versa) - Anti introductory procedures method - Method of Anti weight (parallel force) - Method of Fungal work  (Periodic) - Method of changing color - Method of Copies - Method of Partial Business or exaggerated (excessive)- Method of  rush rapid / jumping - Method of atypical  (asymmetric or symmetric) - The general method.


The six hats to think (six patterns of thinking):

The six patterns represent the most common patterns of thinking used by people, the white hat represent Digital thinking, the person who believes in languages of numbers and documents and evidence, the yellow hat represents the pattern optimistic wishful thinking, which focuses on the positives. The red hat represents a pattern of emotional thinking about who does the passion and options more in all situations. Black hat represents the pattern of pessimistic thinking which focuses on the negatives. Green hat represents a pattern of creative thinking, who cares to search for other alternatives, And think about things a way that is unfamiliar and new, or words always gives the opposite concept, Finally blue hat, called the operations control hat, representing the pattern of thinking that runs and sets the agenda and plan and arrange and organize the rest of the operations. The basic idea underlying the hats program thinking is the need for trained human to exercise all of these patterns while solving problems and outstanding issues in order to avoid falling into the trap of confusion of ideas, and this is done through practice and training in the embodiment of the digital, emotional, creative and positive and negative human figure, in a nutshell.... Wear a hat all the style, and then takes them off to wear the other hat, and so on ...., To switch all these hats and practice all these patterns of thinking to end human help to arrange his thoughts more organized in parallel, and hence one able to reach the best solution to the problem and take the right decision.

Brainstorming (tee intellectual sessions):

Brainstorming or mental mug is a creative collective process, where the group is trying to find a solution to the problem of certain compiled a list of spontaneous ideas contributed by the members of Set method.

Use the brainstorming process in the following cases:

* Solving problems.

* Work team Building.

* Commercial ads.

* Operational planning.

* Project management.

At ASA Bureau, We are dealing with problems like we are the owners of companies or businesses, rather than customers. Dealing with the problems on a daily basis usually enables us to be  aware effective of the techniques to solve problems that significantly affect the growth of trade and investment your business. See through our experience in business and companies   in spite of existence and availability of  the  specific solutions for some problems  for business, most  business men and women do not have the skilled in problem-solving methods and when they fail in the solutions they believe that because of an error in themselves because of the bad pattern in appreciation for the position . The problem usually is not a mal appreciation but is lack of skills. We have the ability to find your problems for the management of commercial business and generate new ideas are critical to the success of your own business and improve their management techniques and invent new styles to deal with your business solutions. We have the ability to:

* How to determine the problem.
* How to respond to them.
* The various techniques and methods used in solving problems.
* How to find alternative solutions.
* How to choose the best solutions for this unwanted situation.
* Action Plan design.
* How to implement the action plan.
* How to evaluate the success of the solution and the Action Plan.

The problem is the situation posed by the difficulty or confusion. The problems come in many shapes and sizes, Problems arise from every aspect may be human or machine and perhaps nature. Some of the problems which are causing ourselves (for example, has been chosen in haste or was chosen the wrong person for the job) and there are problems caused by forces beyond our control. Problems are a daily event in the normal life. In order to temper tensions and frustration caused by the problems we need new and innovative ideas to solve them and deal with them in a rational and systematic manner. If we had to accept the fact that it will be established on a regular basis, for a variety of reasons and a variety of sources, how to deal with problems from the standpoint of objective and how to anticipate some of them, and prevent them from becoming bigger problems.


We need a new and innovative to the process of problem-solving ideas. That the art of solving problems and how their treatment in view of the limited time and information for managers and business owners. Some complex problems can only be solved by experts. Should we meet the idea that the problem is greater than one individual's ability, skill and desire to succeed.

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