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"Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money. Or even worse, it can lead to a strategic disaster." Avoid all of this with Simplified Strategic Planning.

Strategic planning is a way for managers to direct the organization from the initial  daily administrative operations and crisis solution  to a different vision for the internal and external dynamic factors capable of bringing change in their environment, in order  to achieve at  the end, better effective guidance to their organizations.

Simplified Strategic Planning provides a logical and timeless framework for analyzing your industry, your company's place in it, and the goals you need to meet in order to achieve your strategic objectives. Using this process for three years, you can double your sales volume and can also double your operating profit percentages."

Our strategic planning services help you clarify, prepare and manage your future growth. What would your organization look if it were pursuing a bolder vision? At ASA Bureau, we provide high-quality, tailored strategic planning services that have been used in corporate, non-profit and even academic research settings. Our process gets everyone aligned around, clear goals and expectations so they can advance the overall mission.

By engaging stakeholders, clarifying goals, setting objectives and measures, and identifying mission, critical actions, we get you to your goals faster.

Creating a clear future vision translated into a strategic plan represents a motivation factor for progress more than its impact of the extent of awareness of organizations for value and importance of this work for them. Strategic Plan an administrative tool lead organizations to work better because it is based on the energy, resources and time of each individual in the organization and  put  it at  the same direction to achieve the goals.

A strategic marketing plan is the road map of where you want to go in the future because tomorrow̕ s business is different.

Think about your business what changes have taken place in the last year? Modified according to the changes in your business industry and markets. Did your marketing plan communicate the vision, mission and action step to everyone in your organization? Take a moment and review the list of "marketing mix" variables below. Put them in order of how you feel they would rank from most important to least important:

* Product or service.

* Price.

* Place (Distribution channel).

* Promotion.

* Customer.

* Sensitivity.

* Customer Service.

* Customer Satisfaction.

Many resources but poor thought - phrase we heard from many in the companies, and the question is puzzling how to accept to be thought poor or sterile with huge inventory of human energy in today's world. The Sort and highlight of leaders believe that the richness of thought and purposeful achieved through human resource development has tremendous capabilities and investing in them. some models of frustrating managers believe that their ability realized in the weakness of their employees, or in other words, wants to become strong by  weak their  abilities  , this the thought poor, because they supposed to strengthen their abilities in order to get a strong organization, and they becomes - consequently – strong managers. Visioning & future casting - leadership is fundamentally about creating a better future.

Whenever the competitive ability is weak, the other was able to dictate to you, for example, in the last years, we offered in Egypt best barbecue grills in the world, but we see the children and adults bought McDonald's, which is the specifications less than a Egyptian grill, because we stopped the production on the item only, and do not put it in a format special or a special atmosphere, the music, the colors, and green branches everywhere. Each organization must arrange a strategy in order stop  the influence of  their competitors on the market  by reaching an understanding consumer's needs and satisfied their desires and needs, otherwise  this will open the door for others to satisfying it.

Strong vision of the organization and develop the necessary strategy to achieve this vision are important in strategic management and strategic planning elements. It must be designed to achieve the strategic vision of the organization. You must answer these questions when designing the organization's vision: What should be the organization in the coming period, which ranging from five to ten years later? What kind of organization that we are trying composition, created to be distinctive and different from the others? What business we want it to be organized? What are the needs of the consumers, which the organization seeks to satisfy them in the future and to achieve satisfaction and expectations of customers? What is the market position, which the organization seeks to build it at long-term, compared to competitors? What functions are expected to serve its intended performance of the organization market? What is the expected type of technology to be used the organization? What are the goals that the organization is working to achieve? What is the value system which helps to achieve the vision of the organization?

Vision must be reach to every individual in the organization as this is an important factor in the success of the strategy when you put it into effect. The ability to create a positive perception about the future of the organization. Employees need to know the expected future of the organization, and the markets, which is characterized by a new vision and new direction. The possibility of a reinforced strategy to achieve the vision requires a strong clear vision for leadership and organization.

You have to basic scare resources – time and money. Your business has at least one person or an entire department devoted to the management of the accounting transactions to create your financial reports, right? Of course, which direction are financial reports looking – forward or backward? Backward while important, financial reports show you the results of how well you managed your organization's time and money in   strategic plan drafting- After all the input has been gathered, it's time to draft plan. We summarize the stakeholder input and meeting output so you can have a solid first-draft of your strategic plan. Often this includes a broad plan and an executive summary.

Internal Scanning: In addition to scanning the external environment, strategies should also assess their company's ability to innovate effectively by asking the following questions?

1. Has the company developed the resources needed to try new ideas?

2. Do the managers allow experimentation with new products or services?

3. Does the corporation encourage risk taking and tolerate mistakes?

4- Are people more concerned with new ideas or with defending their turf?

5- Is it easy to form autonomous project teams?

In addition to answering these questions, strategies should assess how well company resources are internally allocated and evaluate the organization's ability to develop and transfer new technology in a timely manner into the generation of innovative products and services.

ASA Bureau consultants will faciliate meetings, conduct research, identify requirements and gather the necessary data to develop the strategic plan for the service operation. Our strategic planning will take into consideration a number of critical factors associated with the service business including:

* Market conditions that impact growth and service demand.

* The state of the organization, performance gaps and areas for improvement service level targets necessary to meet customer satisfaction goals.

* Staff training and developement initiatives.

* A review of the service offering portfolio.

* Service tools and systems to enhance efficiency and productivity.

* The financial plan for the organization .

* And more.

Our strategic planning services include:

1- Create a regulatory environment for pro strategic planning process / readiness to start.

2- Formulation of objectives plan: vision, mission, values and culture groups, strategic, tactical and operational objectives that achieve the expectations of stakeholders.

3- Analysis of opportunities and threats of the internal and external environment of the organization.

4- Analyze and evaluate strategic business portfolio to your organization by using the list of administrative revisions.

5- Identify strategic issues.

6- Naming the general strategic goals.

7- Preparing a comprehensive approach to strategic plan.

8- Plan formulation / Plan building and documented.

9- Embody the strategy (preparation of the operational plan).

10- Proposed mechanisms for implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

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