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The importance of audit

Auditing is a highly complex process, and the importance of auditors as a vital link in the financial reporting chain has never been more important nor their role as trusted advisors more valued.

Bold strategic decisions and Accuracy of implementation considered more important than ever matter in light today's economy, which is characterized by raid change.

The audit: From compliance to insight. Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets – a responsibility to the public interest ASA Bureau Audit professionals take very seriously, applying powerful to create better audit evidence and gain deeper insights. We aim to play a constructive role in the debates that will shape the future of auditing, financial reporting, regulation and corporate governance. Measures that can uncover value, even as they help assure compliance. ASA Bureau’s independent assurance specialists are ideally positioned to help. Whatever sectors or regions you operate in, and whatever your size or geographic reach, we offer both local, in-depth, on-the-ground knowledge, and global, state-of-the-art regulatory compliance tools.

Meeting today’s auditing, financial and reporting challenges. The global business landscape is being reshaped by transformational events and trends. And that means the financial and reporting environment is also being reshaped, resulting in significant challenges for management, boards, audit committees and auditors.We can help you understand and address today's most critical financial and reporting issues. As we believe Companies that act with integrity in addressing fraud, bribery and corruption have an advantage with real business benefits. We can help you assess your risk profile—and, though strategic benchmarking, your competitive position and business performance.

Financial analysis is more sophisticated than ever. Users of financial statements demand more predictive information to help with decision making. Audited financial statements have added benefits for clients far beyond their immediate compliance function. They bring credibility to your financial picture, communicate information objectively and provide insight so that you can improve your business. These benefits also apply to our other assurance services. The director of accounting and auditing, a partner independent of any client duties, is responsible for overseeing this process and making judgments on application of the independence rules.

Internal control systems and effective control systems which are important for family businesses, one cannot build a company only on trust, you have to be sure that the control systems work and are effective. At ASA Bureau our professionals do this efficiently and perfecting:

- Applied organized method of logical stages to collect the maximum amount of evidence and clauses about economic activities that has done in the company.

- Objective assessment of the clues and the evidence of the audit, which was assembled in the light of the Egyptian and international applicable standards.

- Form an opinion systematically neutral light of the above in the previous two phases, and the delivery of this opinion and the results obtained to the parties concerned.

We understand that one component of a high-quality service is prompt and efficient delivery and effective communications achieve what the customer wants. Our audit teams provide responsive coordination in order to adhere to critical reporting timelines. We plan and perform audit work with due professional care and diligence and recognize our obligation to observe the high standards of fieldwork and reporting with inquisitive minds and critical evaluations of the audit evidence. This distinct combination of a continuing commitment, systematic approach, and use of the latest technology differentiate ASA Bureau in the marketplace.

Financial Statements: We focus on the areas of greatest risk to your business to deliver solutions tailored to you and the users of your financial statements. Our emphasis on tailoring an integrated audit to focus on areas of significant risks allows us to complete your engagement in an efficient and effective manner that reduces time spent on post-audit procedures and wrap-up. This approach helps us:

- Plan the engagement based on a thorough understanding of your business risks and transactions

- Communicate and coordinate activities with management and the audit committee based on an agreed-upon timeline.

- Conduct continuous audit procedures to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on your personnel at year-end.

- Work with management to resolve any complex accounting or reporting issues as early as possible in the audit process.

- Provide recommendations to management of areas for improvement.

A successful audit helps businesses create value and mitigate risk. ASA Bureau will assist their clients in navigating the many complexities of financial reporting, both in the Egypt and abroad. At ASA Bureau, We provide a wide array of services in the financial reporting area:

 *Financial statement audits.

* Global statutory audits.

* Agreed upon procedures.

* National and International Standards of Financial Reporting.

Information System Assurance: ASA Bureau's Information Systems Assurance Practice works with clients to identify technology that meet their business needs.

We perform a wide range of IT services, inclutding:

 *IT controls assessment.

* Internal controls assessment.

* Controls optimization.

* Regulatory compliance.

* Security and vulnerability assessments.

* Internal audit.


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