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The rigidity of the regulations and the administrative system prevailing and lack of flexibility between the act and the response leads to irrational results in organizational behavior, the climate and the organizational nature of the prevailing system it reflects on the efficiency and the roles of practitioners of public relations Inside and outside the institutions, whether in the event of a crisis or in the non-existence..

Crisis represents a threat to the institution and hindered from achieving its goals hence the necessity and importance of advance planning for the coming crises. Strategic vision and take the necessary measures to cope with future crises.

Management issues: represents the first step in front of those responsible for the crisis communication include environmental scanning and searching for mass trends that may affect the organization in the future, gather information about issues that might pose problems and risks of the institution, develop a communication strategy to prevent the occurrence of crises. The case management is a strategic issue that they appear in the most difficult issues to address, because be synchronized with several elements of the most important less of time and limited control and confusion excess.

Planning for Crisis Prevention: The use of information for the sensor and warning, and the development of internal communications systems by: Creation of a prevention policy issue - Re-analysis of the institution's relations with the public multi - General preparation of plans or special emergency - Identification and selection of members of the crisis management team and the official spokesman to deal with the media - Identifying and allocating Crisis operations center in terms of the place and the possibilities - Identify actions to be taken with the internal audience at the outbreak of the crisis - Define messages , means of communication and objectives in the communications plan.

Function of crisis management geared towards minimizing the size of the damage caused by the crisis and its causes
whether the possibility of financial institution , or a mental image among the public, as well as it represents the ability to control the position of the crisis.

When the company is facing an unexpected crisis, billions of dollars in market value, leading to suffocation budget. At ASA Bureau , We provide assistance in preparing for the unexpected and to respond quickly when a problem arises. Preventive roads always better than treatments that take the time of the crisis without prior preparation for it, and it significantly reduces the damage when they occur, or avoid their occurrence in advance.

Play culture of the organization in the management of crises and its ability to planned an influential role in determining the extent of targeting the organization of crises, In terms of an institution seeking to deal with the crisis in accordance with the scientific method and the layout or traditional or random method in its management and those aspects are subject to adjustment and convenient culture of the organization with internal and external environment of the organization, And willingness to development and modernization of the means and the ways in which the institution to avoid the risks arising from their interaction with the environment organization, Which consists of form an integrated system for the management of crises are given legitimacy and right to all disciplines and organizations to participate and planning how to crisis management. The culture of the organization in the physical aspects of providing the necessary preparations for crisis management in terms of establishing an organizational structure shall crisis management tasks, And the formation of a dedicated team and coach of the latest communication tools required, stay and establishing press and media centers for conferences in the event of crises and conduct experiments and training on crisis management plans, and communication plans.

At ASA Bureau, we protect the company`s reputation and its ability to let constantly in the performance of their work. In each engagement with a client we aim to complete the six critical objectives:

* Protect brand and valued, and to protect the reputation of the company or organization.

* Show how to control the status quo through active communication.

* Ensure an accurate representation of the facts in the media and any other party of the three parties (decision makers - decision takers - decision implementers).

* Participation with the concerned authorities to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships.

* Reduce the legal consequences and / or political.

* Ensure business continuity.

At ASA Bureau helping clients in the numbers of a variety of situations that have the potential to threaten the value of the project, continuity, reputation or business.


In each engagement or new task contract, the specialists and practitioners of ASA Bureau, Identification of gaps and preparedness to implement the best visions and gets the best results. The nature and content plan that contain them in:

- Flexibility and integration to provide new ideas and speed to deal with special cases.

- Comprehensiveness of the plan and cohesion of the various exciting events and developed continuously.

- Preparation and examination of the legal report.

- Training of crisis communication team.

- Prepare summary guiding to manage the crisis (crisis guide).

- The legal test for the position of a crisis and prepare a list of the necessary points.

- Periodically preparation for the institution it includes reports and legal actions that have been taken resolvability.

- Prepare a report on the team's performance, evaluation and so on all administrative and communicative levels.

- Prepare for any changes that may occur.

At ASA Bureau, We are working to determine the priorities for customers and prepare to meet the required efficiency, accuracy, and that can include:

* Assess the situation.

* Planning scenarios.

* Set up connections to the crisis plan.

* Crowd or move contacts.

* Training and testing.


When a crisis arises or a case, ASA Bureau offers designed to support the rapid implementation along with analysis and advice systems through dynamic situations. We manage the immediate crisis and put contingency plans for strict to ensure that customers are willing to deal with other developments. ASA Bureau can customize the type and level of support and guidance during the crisis to meet the needs of customers from the foundation on which point I started to comprehensive support.

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