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Multinational, international and national companies need legal advisors who can assist with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions. ASA Bureau practices provide decisions, offering cost – effective support for routine legal activities.

In a fast-changing global marketplace, the ability to adapt is crucial to the survival and growth of businesses.Given the pace of today's world, there is a high likelihood that your business has on its horizon an expansion into new territories, a re-location of part of its operations or the preparation of a deal, either on the buy-side or the sell-side.Regardless of your business's situation and needs, one thing is clear: the quality of your legal support network will affect the effectiveness of your response in both the short- and the long-term.Adding value for you — with strategic, multi-territory legal advice.

We regularly assist large corporates, private companies, partnerships and private individuals with legal issues on matters such as:

(A) Commercial Law Solutions:

1- Contract drafting:

2- Statutory & regulatory compliance (e.g.antitrust): Company today need to comply with what can be a daunting multitude of national and international legislation and regulations, and need effective business processes to ensure compliance and prevention of regulatory issues. ASA Bureau legal services provideguidance on statutory and regulatory obligations relevant for industry and its operational base including:

a- Trade conventions.

b- Fiscal and Financial regulations.

c- Environmental regulations.

ASA Bureau spends time necessary to understand the unique needs and operational nuances of individual companies.

3- Restructuring business and outsourcing.

4- Legal and contractual frame work for supply chain management and distribution.

5- IP Rights including licensing, protection.

(B) Employment and Pension Solutions:

1-Hiring and firing.

2-Relationship with worker representative bodies.

3-Restructuring Services: Providing investigation, restructuring, turnaround and insolvency advice and services to underperforming  business and financially distressed business, their lenders, stakeholders and advisors.

4- Cross – border employment (International labor and employment law): As the world becomes increasingly borderless, so too has business and by extension, employment. Employment with multi-national companies increasingly necessitates mobility, with employees of a parent or subsidiary corporation being called on to provide services in countries other than their countries of residence. Cross-border projects, assignments and employment on a temporary, fixed term or permanent basis are becoming more and more common in the modern business world. Cross border work brings with it numerous traps. For the unwary, among them potentially negative income tax and employment law implications for employers, contractors of cross-border working arrangements can help minimize the risks of unanticipated and potentially, significant financial liabilities.

(5) Compensation and Benefits:

(a) Employee Benefits are optional, non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries. These types of benefits may include group insurance (health, dental, vision, life etc.), disability income protection, retirement benefits, daycare, tuition reimbursement, sick leave, vocation (paid and non-paid), funding of education, as well as flexible and alternative work arrangements.

1- Professional development.

2- Medical Insurance.

3- Disability insurance.

4- Life insurance.

5- Retirements benefits.

6- Domestic Partner Benefit.

7- Paid Time off.

8- Fringe benefits.

(b) Employee Compensation is:

i) Indirect non-financial compensation:indirect compensation will look different in every organization. Ultimately it is the way in which you choose to define the culture of your organization and your total compensation rewards program that will differentiate it. Of course, it is important to ensure it aligns with organizational strategic objectives recent studies all indicate that in today`s changing work environment it is the flexibility and creativity that draws and keep the highly skilled employee.

ii) Compensation:paying employees fairly against both the market conditions as well as ensuring internal equity was still the number one factor considered, providing clear information on the organization`s compensation structure and consistent process were critical to an employee`s sense of commitment.

(6) And all other related services:

1- Managing and advising on the optimum employment structure

2- Ensuring local compliance of employment documentation

3- Implementing global HR policies

4- Implementing compliant and robust recruitment processes

5- Advising on employment status

We also offer a full spectrum of ongoing advisory services around:

1- International employment law compliance

2- Structuring and documenting international assignments

2- International training programs

3- Employee relations

4- Business acquisitions

Advice during restructuring and termination processes include:

1- Managing and advising on cross border restructuring programs

2- Reducing people related costs

3- Complex individual dismissals.

4- Documenting and negotiating settlements.

(C) Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions Solution:

1- Corporate law.

2- Corporate compliance.

3- Corporate reorganizations.

(D) Bank and Securities:

1- Bank and Finance Law:

a- Loan transactional assistance (lender/borrower side).

b- Finance deals.

c- Loan – work out / restructuring.

d- NPL deals.

e- Licensing and regulatory compliance assistance for credit from financial institutions.

2- Securities Law:

a- Assistance to companies admitted to trading on regulated markets, ATs, licensed intermediaries and investors.

b-  Public offering.

c- Securities law compliance (including without limitation compliance with transparency and market abuse regulations).

d- Market abuse cases.

e- Stock option plans.

(E) Commercial Agreements & Regulatory Market Study:

a- Drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements.

b- Drafting market reports on specific areas.

(F) Wealth management:

Simply put, wealth management is a service provided by a credentialed financial consultant to help a client manage and/or enhance his or her financial situation.When it comes to your wealth, the questions you ask could be your most valuable asset. Work with us and you’ll understand where your money is invested and why, how your investments are performing, and how much it’s costing you. Plus, you’ll have access to expertise, specialists, and insights to help you reach your own specific goals.It’s a collaborative approach to wealth management that’s all about transparency, accountability, and taking ownership of your financial life. Because we believe the best outcomes in life come from being fully engaged.

(H) Real state and construction:

a- Real estate transactions and due diligence.

b- Real estate finance.

c- Lease and asset management.

d- Dispute resolution.

e- Development and planning.

f- Construction and PPP Contracts:

PPP Arrangements for:

1- Utility restructuring, corporatization  and  decentralization.

2- Civil works and service contracts.

3- Management and operating agreements.

4- Leases / Affermage contracts.

5- Concessions, build-operate – transfer (BOT), Design – build-operate (DBO).

h- Other issues relating to construction organization:

1- Construction law.

2- Real estate transaction advice (buyer and seller sides).

3- Rental agreements.

4- Due diligence for share, asset and interest deals.

5- Corporate and tax matters.

6- Restructuring projects.

7- REIT regulatory compliance and IPOs.

8- Capital formation, including closed- and open-ended funds.

9- Environmental law.

10- Regulatory matters.

(I) Insurance:

1- Regulatory compliance and review of insurance contracts for the companies operating under law no.10 of 1981 for insurance supervision and control in Egypt and other laws and conventions which applied an international with recommendations on improving or adapting risk insurance coverage.

2- Legal and regulatory assistance to mutual insurance companies (reorganizations, compliance).

3- Reinsurance agreements.

3-  All aspects related to the issues of the insurance sector in Egypt and aboard.

(J)Commercial Litigation:

1- Commercial contract claims.

2- Alleged fraud.

3- Professional negligence.

4- Agency disputes.

5- Banking and financial services disputes.

6- Contentious insolvency.

7- Partnership disputes.

8- Product liability.

9- Group litigation.

10-Foreign debt recovery.

11- Corporate manslaughter.

(K) Transportation and shipping:

As transport business advisors, ASA Bureau professionals offer a full range of knowledge and experience in:

Aviation (airports, airlines and airline services).

Shipping and ports.

Land transport (heavy and light rail, coach, bus and transit).

•Road freight and logistics (including mail services).

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