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ASA Bureau university is an house training program that supports the firm`s vision through continued learning. This program provides comprehensive technical and distinguish skills training, for a highly qualified staff of work, at no cost all employees of ASA Bureau.

It`s a complicated world. And, every day, it seems to get just a little bit more complicated. Our job is to cut through this complexity – For our clients, and our people. As one of the professional services Offices. We`ve got a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. Led us to do something different and distinguish to slove this complexity in our career work. ASA Bureau University is a eay to distinguish its functioality to our step to train and mentor staff thought of our corporate clients and individuals towards the best performance to achieve the goals and move towards reaching the hopes and aspirations of the desired work practice and production.

ASA Bureau University established small and aspire to be a large university taught thousands of students in Egypt and the world in the near future.

ASA Bureau recognizes that the intellectual capital of qualified rehabilitation of good human resource is the greatest asset. And for this reason, we are committed to our pledges made us constantly of our initiatives in the development and support of our staff and our stakeholders and trainees at ASA Bureau and through our university. In fact, we are committed to providing the highest quality in customer service by the best and brightest professionals throughtraining and retaining the best talent.

What our fantastic careers?

At ASA Bureau, As well as offering fantastic careers in Audit, Tax and Advisory. We are looking for skilled professionals in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and IT Services. It`s our looking for diversity – our talent – that will – always sit at the heart of our business and our success.

Successful companies designed their products and services to suit their customers` needs. For that, At ASA Bureau   We are working to create a platform for encouraging our customers to exploit our expertise and take advantage of our services through excellence. . our Team work is the key of our success. At ASA Bureau you will develop a deep professional relationship that will prove essential as your career develops whatever your plan may be.


We are going to offer you all  rules, regulations and advices  about your career through publications, Educational services and  free courses at our website and social media . Job training is critical for accounting and auditing professionals who want to stay on top of new regulations and practices. The skills you use on a day – to-day basis are built both inside and outside the office with additional job training; you can further develop your functional and personal skills. One of the simplest ways to gain accounting and finance is to seek opportunities for professional development within your place of employment, such as mentoring, taking an new assignments or cross-training.

At ASA Bureau University we give the chance to obtain certifications and advanced degrees and Recorded in the General Register of Accountants and Auditors at  the Egyptian Ministry of Finance.

ASA Bureau University idea begins internally and ambitions to be a comprehensive university in the near future in the financial and administrative sciences and information technology.

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