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If a path doesn't exist create your own. Tackling such issues successfully involves adopting a more strategic approach, based on a powerful brand with a great team work. It doesn't matter you are a famous brand or new, but what is important is to create your own path. Otherwise, there's likely to be a big gap between what you aim to do and your ability to do it. At ASA Bureau, we always create our own path, either easy or not; we do our best to find it.

Our Vision:

"To be a criterion for excellence"

Our ways to do that is continuous learning, training and co-operation with professional bodies and research institutions in various fields for this professional work.

Our purpose:

"Work with confidence and high quality service

To supercharge our clients"

Our commitments in front of our society:

We are committed to expanding our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our society and we have the scope and impact of the insight to make an important and positive contribution on issues that impacted on our environment with governments agencies and civil society organizations and scientific agencies, and to use our skills to help find sustainable solutions to these issues

Our Social Responsibility:

At ASA Bureau, we take a special approach to giving back to the communities where we work and live. We are focused on operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that supports our core values and furthers our strategic priorities. We are dedicated to investigating the current and emerging sustainability trends in the accounting industry and promoting environmentally across ASA Bureau.

What do we mean when we say experience?

We mean insightful solutions, ideas, attention to detail, expertise and results. At ASA Bureau, we understand you want an advisor who can provide more than just accounting solutions. Our staff offers specialized skills and expertise as well as the winning attitude, character and communication skills necessary to help clients achieve their objectives.

ASA Bureau are a distinguished group of professional experts who have abide by the requirements of professional ethical conduct, including the secretariat, objectivity, and credibility in carrying out their duties and provides outstanding quality level of services, as we maintain our independence and at the same time working on a mutual commitment with our clients and understand their needs to achieve operational objectives and investment.

Our services extended to non-resident alien individuals who have business and investments in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Global Reach:

The opportunities and risks in tax and regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, the raising of investment capital and the management of personal wealth are daunting enough when all of the holdings or parties are in one country and when it extended across borders into another country, the problems and challenges increase exponentially. We advise clients on international tax structuring opportunities, transfer pricing and due diligence matters, we also help clients align their business objectives with their tax structure optimize the use of foreign tax credits.


What is ASA Bureau?

We are different; we are leader in assurance, tax, consulting, risk management, transaction and private client services. We can help you rethink your entire people strategy and assess the effectiveness of your HR function. In light of the profound change now taking place in the talent arena. ASA Bureau is a brand of new professional firm offering investment management, personal financial planning, and insurance strategies.


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