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Unlocking insight, the courage to act, right thinking, achieving, the ability to deliver and investigation capabilities that enable sustainable advantage. They are beginning to think about building a successful business entity in the environment I work on the management and supervision of what is implemented by the business and functions will satisfy our customers and dealers with us. It was the firm thought to my mind is the best way and most effective way to achieve value-added for me in the world of business, services and consulting, which can not be implemented only through a successful and distinct entity that works to maximize customer value that we focus on the customer, Our clients come first and their success is our success. Work to address the problems and develop lasting solutions, our ambitions to win universal, we are committed to achieving what we found for him in an environment of complete understanding and clarity of vision and goals.

That enable our customers to make decisions better speed and efficiency required for large-scale and created through the development and harnessing expertise in science and continuous training and breakthrough technology and intellectual capital, existing relationships to build a growing confidence, attract and develop the best methods and tools and means available with a passion for what we do. Achieve leadership in our field was the most important reasons that led to the presence of ASA Bureau for Auditing, Tax Services, and Consulting – Certified Public Accountant Mr. Azmy Samir Azmy

ASA is a   professional   office established  recent in the Arab Republic of Egypt  at 1th of April 2013, which is engaged in providing audit services, tax and consulting By Mr. Azmy Samir Azmy  who joined the work of Mr. Nabil Azmy Abd El-wahab- Certified public Account and Tax Expert, Financial Advisor - member of International Premier , where already entered the public record of Accountants and Auditors Meeting Decisions on May 21, 2003 in the table below practice no. 20150, and in the August 1, 2006 and hyped the Listing Committee on the transfer of the practice under the number 22720. He has earned the right to review and approve the budgets of joint stock companies in the November 2, 2011 with the approval of the registration committee on that date.

During his work with Mr. Nabil Azmi Abd el-Wahab's office reviewed the many companies and has been given a certificate of experience to do so. These companies are:

1. The Arab Contractors Company for the operation and maintenance of facilities and services - service activity - Egyptian joint stock Company.

2. Arab Contractors Company Press - industrial activity - a joint stock company.

3- TUV Rheiland Ltd company - service activity - a limited liability company.

4- TUV Construction Ltd company – service activity – a limited liability company.

5. ABB Arab Contractors Company for Construction and Building (Abcon) - service activity - Egyptian joint stock company.

6. Arab Company for Engineering Works "Cairomatic" - Construction Activity - Egyptian joint stock company.

7. Azmi Associate Company for Advisory Services - service activity - a limited liability company.

8. Haz Marble Company Egypt - industrial activity – a limited liability company.

9. Versay Industries - Industrial Activity - Company Limited Partnership.
10. Versay Contracting Company - Construction Activity - a limited liability company.

11. Egyptian artifacts marble - industrial activity - Company Limited Partnership.

12. Kandi, world Inc. (Walid Abdul-Aziz) - individual facility – commercial activity.

13. The Arab Contractors company for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles (S-Car) - service activity - Egyptian joint stock Company.

14. Egypt Company for diverse industries - industrial activity - Egyptian joint stock Company.

15. Haz Bazlama Egypt Company - commercial activity - a limited liability company.

At that time Mr. Azmy Samir Azmy was still studing where he recieved in number of high qulafications. The following qualifications obtained by the data:

Top of Form

1. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University's (November 1995).

2. Post Graduate Diploma in taxes - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University's (November 2006).

3. Bachelor of Law - Faculty of Law - Ain Shams University     (May 2007).

4. Post Graduate Diploma in quantity Methods - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University (November 2008).

5. Post Graduate Diploma in crises and disasters - Faculty of Commerce Department - Ain Shams University (May 2010)

6. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Accounting - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University (May 2014).

Also Mr. Azmy Samir Azmy - a member of several professional associations, namely:

1. Fellowship Egyptian Tax Association.

2. Fellowship Association of Public Finance and taxes.

3. The membership of the Arab Association for the costs of administrative and accounting.

4. The membership of the Association of Arab business administration.

5. Egyptian Accountants and Auditors Association

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